BCSFF Workshops

Workshop information for the 2017 festival:

WORKSHOP 1: Foundations in Cinematography with Julian Bruce

Cinematographer style transforms ideas into images. It is how style and technique and technology, culminating in new possibilities, work together to create something visually striking.

In Foundations of Cinematography, will familiarize students with introductory concepts of camera and lighting techniques. Through theory and application we will cover the use of cinema tools, focusing primarily on cameras and lenses, techniques of camera movement, and principles of lighting.

WORKSHOP 2: Film Directing with Nigel Edwards

Workshop Summary: Directing is so much more than telling someone where to put the camera or how to say the lines. You are the glue that holds a vision and builds a platform from which an audience is allowed a glimpse into your world. In this short introduction to directing, we will explore the basic rules and responsibilities of the director, working with actors, working in team environments, shot listing and prep, followed by a short demonstration using a single camera setup.

Nigel Edwards is an award winning director & producer. After a small stint in the Canadian Military College, Nigel relocated to the bustling Vancouver film scene to complete his Bachelor’s in Film at Capilano University. It was from his background in action sport and music video filmmaking that Nigel quickly branded a highly sought after style of commercial storytelling - Neon Edgewater. In conjunction with his thirst for philosophy, these experiences have lead Nigel to travel internationally developing projects that reflect his style of filmmaking: the ephemeral and the real shaped into a timeless form - cinema. This style has more been recently recognized by Rome Web Awards garnering Nigel the Best Director Award for his work on Season 1 of Coded.

WORKSHOP 3: 3D Sculpting Workshop with Craig Simmons

Learn the basics of creating a digital sculpture. From Games to Feature films, 3D artists are creating amazingly life-like characters, creatures and environments. Join us for a hands-on demonstration of how Zbrush is used in the creation of 3D characters. Starting with a lump of virual clay you will create a 3D virtual face and see where we can take it from there!

Craig Simmons has been working as a 3D Artist and educator in the animation industry for almost 30 years. He helped build the 3D Animation and Visual Effects programs at Capilano and for the last two decades has been training top tier professionals for careers in the Animation and Film industry.

WORKSHOP 4: 2D Animation workshop with Glenn Sylvester and Mike de Kraker

We will be leading a workshop introducing the students to classical animation on the computer. Using the "bouncing ball" we'll be touching on some of the principles used in animation and showing how it can add weight in walks and runs.

Glenn Sylvester: Glenn's Animation career began over 30 years ago working on children's TV shows and the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Since he has worked around the world on such classics as "The Magic School Bus" (Assistant Director), "Men in Black" (1&3), "The Mummy", "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs", "Hotel Transylvania 2" and many more. His work titles range from Animator to Lead Animator, to Director, and now Educator.

Mike de Kraker: After graduating from Capilano University Mike has been working in the animation business for the last 17 years. Moving around the world he's worked from studios like Framestore, MPC, Aardman and Pixar, working on everything from commercials, tv, animated shorts, gaming to feature films. In his free time Mike loves to spend time with his wife and son enjoying the nature around Vancouver. He also a little greeting card company with his wife, making doodles.

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